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Release 9.des: Gløymde Fotefar - Viser Frå Eidsdal

Myklebusts nye album er en hyllest til poeten Arne O. Storås fra Eidsdal, som også er hjemstedet til Myklebust. Storås var selv bonde, og diktene hans beskriver naturen og livet på landsbygda på en vakker måte. Rytmen i diktene bærer på en stor musikalitet.

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New album - Jazzpoetry

Finito Bacalao Records is proud to announce the release of "Jazzpoetry" by Cats vs. Kitchen Utensils & Easterine Kire. From Monday 3rd of June the album will be available digitally all over the world.
An unusual blend of Naga poetry and Arctic freejazz, this release is a fresh perspective to playful improvised music. Poet Easterine Kire sees Northern Norway through Naga eyes, coming as she does from faraway and misty, mountain-topped Nagaland, a region in the North-East of India.

The two jazz cats Ola Asdahl Rokkones and Jon-Eirik Boska relentlessly counterpoint the poems, creating unexpected contexts and sounds - like cats playing with a ball of yarn, or perhaps the other way around. Ola Asdahl Rokkones plays on saxophone, saxophone parts and one cymbal, while Jon-Eirik Boska treats the kitchen utensils!

This recording was made in 2010, the first time the three artists combined their sounds. Everything is fresh and untamed, all improvised at the moment. Since then they have toured extensively around Norway as well as one concert in Vienna, with great success.

The project has also resulted in two book releases on Barkweaver Publications: "Jazzpoetry" - ISBN: 978-82-998445-4-3, and "Jazzpoetry and other poems" - ISBN: 978-82-998445-8-1.