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Release 24th of May: Tida står stille

The artist Cliff from Northern Norway is back with new and catchy music. With "Tida står stile" (Time stands still), he confirms again his talent both as songwriter, musician and artist.

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Finito Bacalao @ Bodø Jazz Open 2015

Experience the Finito Bacalao Artists at the fifth Bodø Jazz Open in January 2015!

Thursday the 22nd of January, Bodø Jazz Open present the concert "Northern Jazz Expo" where some of the most interesting jazz artists from Northern Norway will participate.

During this concert many of the artists at Finito Bacalao Records are present, such as:
- Ole Jørn Myklebust (e.g. "Nordic Namgar" and "Jorba" )
- Jule Alapnes (BonBons - "Weather your storms")
- Benjamin Mørk ("Karasho")
- thebandcalledOh! ("Lesson One: EP")
- Leagus (Kristian Olstad - "KOL" and Herborg Rundberg - BonBons)
- Aleksander Kostopoulos (e.g. Heidi Solheim - "Found")

The concert takes place in Stormen, Lillesalen, on Thursday the 22nd of January at 19h30.
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