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Release 9.des: Gløymde Fotefar - Viser Frå Eidsdal

Myklebusts nye album er en hyllest til poeten Arne O. Storås fra Eidsdal, som også er hjemstedet til Myklebust. Storås var selv bonde, og diktene hans beskriver naturen og livet på landsbygda på en vakker måte. Rytmen i diktene bærer på en stor musikalitet.

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Support from INTRO!

Today we got some fantastic news: The culture fund INTRO has given Finito Bacalao Records a grant of 100 000 NOK!

Today came the decision from the second round of grants from the Tromsø-based fund INTRO - devoted to support the development of commercial cultural initiatives in the region. With a total of 45 good applications to the fund, the competition was very tough. In the end, only 12 projects were granted support.

Finito Bacalao Records DA was given support in the form of a pilot project in order to identify the local markets and their potentials, develop new distribution forms in the wast areas of Northern Norway, and build a platform and a business model for further growth. The total amount of the support from INTRO is 100 000 NOK - equals to almost 12 700€. This is 50% of the funding in the project, which also requires Finito Bacalao Records to raise the remaining 50% of the funding.

As a consequence of this, we will now be able to give you lots of new fantastic music! Keep your ears open and continue to buy our records!

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