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Release 9.des: Gløymde Fotefar - Viser Frå Eidsdal

Myklebusts nye album er en hyllest til poeten Arne O. Storås fra Eidsdal, som også er hjemstedet til Myklebust. Storås var selv bonde, og diktene hans beskriver naturen og livet på landsbygda på en vakker måte. Rytmen i diktene bærer på en stor musikalitet.

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New release 12th of August: Come What May

Heidi Solheim is one of the most promising new pop artists from Northern Norway this year. On Friday the 12th of August we release her first single: Come What May.

Watch out for this artist - Heidi Solheim is an absolute must, with strong melodies and lyrics performed by top musicians.The single will be released digitally, and will thus be available all over the world from the 12th of August and on.

The price is hilarious, only 8 NOK per download! "Come What May" is produced by the reknown musician and producer Andreas Mjøs, and the single is a teaser for her coming album "Found" - scheduled for release in September.

Heidi Solheim has previously been well known all over Norway, after performing in Norwegian Broadcasting, and winning the Norwegian Blues Cup in 2010 with her band Pristine. Nevertheless, the project "Heidi Solheim" is not at all a blues project. Carefully combining groovy pop sounds and lyrics with strong personal elements, Heidi Solheim takes her place among the new breed of Norways foremost pop artists today.

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