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Release 9.des: Gløymde Fotefar - Viser Frå Eidsdal

Myklebusts nye album er en hyllest til poeten Arne O. Storås fra Eidsdal, som også er hjemstedet til Myklebust. Storås var selv bonde, og diktene hans beskriver naturen og livet på landsbygda på en vakker måte. Rytmen i diktene bærer på en stor musikalitet.

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Oh! most popular on iTunes

The day of the digital release of their very first EP, Oh! reaches nr.15 of the overall album sale, and nr.1 of Soul/R&B-albums. This is nothing but exceptionally strong...

The four piece band from Tromsø, Northern-Norway, has had an unusual week releasing their album last Friday and waking up to extreme receptions. Their album was first reviewed in Troms Folkeblad on the day of the release, giving it 5 out of 6 and claiming Oh! to be "the best band from Northern-Norway right now".

Not only was their EP torn away on their release concert on Friday evening. As the release came out digitally on Monday morning, it rapidly climbed the charts and reached no.15 most sold album through iTunes Store, and no.1 most sold R&B-album! Quite strong in the era of Jarle Bernhoft.

Watch out: This will be big!

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