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Release 13th of Oct: Urolig Samba

The band Marit Sandvik & Nova Onda has embraced the Brazilian music and MPB-tradition. Based in the very north of Norway, the six musicians have made their own blend.

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Marit Sandvik & Nova Onda
Selv om det er langt fra Tromsø til Rio de Janeiro, har Marit Sandvik & Nova Onda omfavnet den brasilianske musikktradisjonen og gjort den til sin egen. Siden 2013 har de seks musikerne jobbet frem et eget sound, forankret både i jazz og MPB – Música Popular Brasileira.
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Marie Vangen
With all aspects from fragility to intensity, the voice of Marie Vangen is both warm and present. Together with strong originals and a unique talent of expression, this makes Marie Vangen one of the most interesting newcomers from Northern Norway in 2016. • Read more
Nordic Namgar
In 2013, the Riddu Riddu festival commisioned a piece by Ole Jørn Myklebust. With Namgar Lhkasaranova from Buryatia in Russia and Niillas Holmberg from Finnish Sápmi, it was set for a meeting between two of the most unique indigenous voices in the world today. • Read more
The BonBons
Etter seier i den nasjonale finalen i låtkonkurransen Bandwagon i 2012, har The BonBons sjarmert Norge fra nord til sør med sitt akustiske og ærlige uttrykk. Nå står både singel- og albumslipp for tur.
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Ole Jørn Myklebust
Ole Jørn Myklebust er en av Norges mest anerkjente jazztrompetister og musikkprodusenter, kjent for sin ekspressive og lyriske stil. • Read more
Cats vs. Kitchen Utensils & Easterine Kire
What do you get when you play untamed jazz to a poet? Brutally raw poetry! Combining poetry and jazz in a delightful way, "Jazzpoetry" represent a performance that crosses barriers. • Read more
This band is about to reinvent the Norwegian scene of folk rock. Hjerterå from Tromsø plays melodious and driving rock - in a North-Norwegian language. • Read more
Benjamin Mørk
Every experience will colour you in some way. On the album "Karasho", MØRK has set sound to experiences both fictional and real. Which compositions represent what, does not really matter. • Read more
Kristian Olstad
Kristian Olstad er en uavhengig artist basert i Tromsø, som spiller uavhengig jazz i originale komposisjoner. En intens musikk som gjør at man mister tid og sted. • Read more
Heidi Solheim
Heidi Solheim er vårens mest lovende nykommer, med sjelfull pop som er både catchy og melodiøs.
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Jardar Johansen
Jardar har vært aktiv som profesjonell sanger og artist i 13 år og er kjent for mange fra Beat for Beat og Det store korslaget. Han har et utrolig spenn i sitt repertoar og varierer fra det ømme og nære til et enormt trykk og energi. • Read more
Oh! makes you want to say Oh! Great and groovy soul music straight from Tromsø, Norway. It's so pure and simple, and at the same time so incredibly detailed that you can't help to get fascinated.
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Foyn Trio!
Alluring Joni-ness with a touch of Scandinavian ice beauty! This is a truly exciting, up& coming, Danish-Norwegian band! • Read more
Brynjar Rasmussen
Brynjar Rasmussen - clarinettist and composer - renowned for his unique and distinctive sound, causing him to be sought after by a wide range of other musicians and ensembles. • Read more
Pirate jazz from Northern-Norway! DripP released "Pirate Bay" in November, to great reviews. Throughout the last five years, DripP has been one of the hardest working young bands from Tromsø. • Read more